4 Tips to Set Game Time to Become a Wise Gamer!

Prioritize obligations

If you are a student, then prioritize school time. Stay disciplined to repeat lessons at home, attend meetings at the organization and do assignments. Do not let the desire to run away from him to play the game.

Well, if you are an employee who still likes to play games, finish your job well first. Don’t shift your focus from the difficulty of doing tasks by playing games, because it has the potential to make you too busy, so you forget about the deadline. Don’t even try!

Playing games by leaving obligations will only make you nervous and difficult to complete missions properly. In fact, playing games requires high concentration.

Set a specific time to play the game

A successful gamer is one who can be disciplined, including in playing time. Determine your daily playing time and continue to obey, don’t play outside these hours though because it has the potential to make you feel like you can understand the rules you make yourself. Try to be firm with yourself.

You can spend time playing games after 20:00, for example, when all your college assignments are finished, when you are done with work or when you get home after work. At that time, you can still play 2 hours or 3 hours. As adults, just 6 hours of sleep is actually enough for our bodies. So basically, don’t play games for hours and finally forget to sleep!

Tell your playmates

It’s easy for us to ignore time to play games because of an invitation from a friend who can come at any time. Especially if your online game friends have created a group chat. On the sidelines of school or work, they can just play together for fun. Woe to you who are easily tempted.

Therefore, if we have determined our playing schedule. Tell your friends too. At first, they will think that you are a bad friend because you refuse their invitation, but over time they will get used to your rules and will not force you to play at that time.

Refusing a friend’s invitation at one time doesn’t mean you lose playing time with him forever, really. Oh yes, you can also announce your playing schedule in the in-game status column of your profile. So that players who drop by your profile know when you’re online.

Make playing games a gift

For a gamer, sometimes the most needed gift is not diamonds to buy new heroes, new joysticks, or dream paid games, but just time to play.

The reason is, if you are busy doing something, usually your time to play games can be taken up for days. Therefore, there is nothing wrong, you know, to make playing time a gift.

When you are chasing or doing something, make a determination within yourself, “If this job is done well, then I will allow myself to play games for 3 hours non-stop.”

So, Spacer, Those are 4 ways to play games that know the time and are wise. It’s easy, right? As long as you have a strong will, you can do it. Come on, prove that you are a wise and responsible gamer.