Are FPS Games Helpful?


In order to achieve the highest win rate in FPS games, players must be quick to respond while shooting opponents in sight. Of course, this can be done by improving your fast and accurate clicking skills. To train finger reflexes and click speed, players can usually do a shooting test in game training.

Training camps found in FPS games such as Valorant, PUBG, and Apex Legends can increase players’ clicks per second and measure the number of clicks that have been made within a certain time. Since accuracy and aim are so important in FPS, continuous click speed practice will build the precision needed.

Meanwhile, big fans of this fps game are not focused in one circle. Both teenagers and parents have played this game for a certain period of time. The problem is that there are several assumptions and debates from the public regarding the usefulness and benefits of playing this popular game. Thus, playing FPS games certainly has a number of acceptable benefits, although addiction is a disadvantage.

Advantages of Playing FPS Games

Without realizing it, there is an advantage when Gamers often play FPS tactical games. One of them includes:

Cognitive Skill Improvement


A person who plays games requires strategy, develop skills and solve problems, will help increase their cognitive value. Professional gamers generally have better intellectual abilities when it comes to strategic planning and the reasoning that comes from solving puzzles and shooting opponents.

Increased Mental Resilience & Confidence


When you are still a beginner, usually players will find it difficult to adapt to the game. Because of this challenge, there is usually a player who is frustrated by failing and always losing. However, the technical skills required to advance in the game will continue to add up over time. For information, all successful professional players have started their careers as beginners.

Multiple cycles of repetitive exercise will potentially create room for improvement. With each failure, a gamer persists and tries again until he learns and makes progress. Some researchers argue that the persistence shown by gamers can be applied in everyday life. The reason is, a repetitive habit that is done will lead to an increase in small things that will have a bigger impact.

Improvement of Social & Language Skills


Most FPS games are designed as multiplayer games. In other words, this game can be played by more than one player. When different players have the same interest to compete in this game, communication and friendship will be formed. Uniquely, multiplayer games have served as a liaison to unite people from different backgrounds. Of course, it really helps everyone to build healthy relationships, learn languages ​​and cultures, and have active interactions that are more than just games.

Strong Memory


It is undeniable that video games have been beneficial for both children and adults to improve memory. As discussed previously, through repetitive activities that are carried out regularly will certainly lead to strong memory, say from practicing aiming accurately in FPS games which helps gamers eliminate the risk of forgetting and improve brain reflexes.

Well, those are some of the benefits that you can get from playing FPS games. A number of popular stigmas that gamers are boring and lazy, of course, don’t always apply, friends! Because it turns out that playing this game requires coordinated skills and intelligence in certain cases. In fact, playing heavy competitive games has engaged the brain actively in the game which can result in some positive structural changes such as attention, social and technical skills with overall mental alertness.